Divine Guidance

Spiritual Counseling

“We have never been out of our right path, only we have been walking in it backwards instead of forwards, and now that we have begun to follow the path in the right direction, we find that it is none other than The Way of Peace, The Path of Joy and The Road to Eternal Life.”    Thomas Troward

The relationship between a client and a spiritual counselor is sacred, inviolate. Together their explore and uncover hidden beliefs, history and habits that are apparently acting as obstacles to self-realization and Truth. Rev. Greta continuously and actively holds in prayerful awareness the consciousness of the all-good unfolding in and as the essence of the client until it out-pictures as his or her life experience.

“Rev. Greta is a gifted spiritual counselor and teacher, working with her has changed my life and deepened my understanding of myself and my connection to God. I am so grateful for her continued support. –David Boufford

Consultation and Guidance sessions for individuals, couples, families and organizations by appointment.

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