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"Calling in the Circle" - Peace and Power Through Prayer and Meditation Manual

The goal of this Manual is to assist and support you in the precious and perfect practice of consciously centering down in the Heart of the Infinite and consecrating a few moments a day in contemplation of and communion with, the Divine Presence.

You are invited to recognize the Presence with gratitude; unify and identify with all that you recognize; realize that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand now; live, move and abide in thanksgiving; and coming full circle, release yourself and your Word to the Law of Love.

Included are the exploration and embodiment of the
Six Steps of Affirmative Prayer:





Thanksgiving and


Other topics covered are:

Setting the Tone for Meditation

Affirmative Prayer- What it is, What it isn’t

Names of God

Spiritual Teachers and Guides

Spiritual Paths

Qualities or Attributes of God

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