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"Journal for the Journey" - Transformational Signposts & GPS*
(Guiding Principles of Spirit)

For many years, Rev. Greta Sesheta used journaling as a magical and effective catalyst to gain greater insight into her own self and to explore more deeply what it meant to be a spiritual being having a human experience.

Now, Rev. Greta, widely renowned for her gifts of wisdom and healing, wants to provide other women with the means of cultivating powerful self-discovery and transformation through the practice of journaling.

“Journal for the Journey” contains colorful images, poetic and prose writings, and thought-provoking prompts to encourage writers to delve deeper into their own hearts and minds.

Eliciting logical, lyrical, mystical, mythical, conscious and unconscious material, these prompts provide serendipitous opportunities for free association.

Within the pages of this beautiful book, you will explore your fears and anxieties about the past, your hopes for the future, and what it means to have faith in the perfection of the present moment—all in an entirely safe and personal space.

Rev. Greta hopes that “Journal for the Journey” makes it possible for others to easily and effortlessly access the soul-stirring gifts that she discovered and benefited from through the sacred, ancient practice of journaling.

About the Author

In the midst of the pain, confusion and turmoil of her own life, Rev. Greta Sesheta, spiritual expert and healer, turned to the practice of journaling to guide her to a better understanding of herself and her purpose. She used journaling to move from being a victim to being victorious- and now she wants to empower other women to transform their own lives.

“Journal for the Journey” is a simple yet profound tool for spiritual sojourners. Its pages, alternating between Rev. Greta’s wisdom and blank space, encourage you to clarify your thoughts, heal the past, envision the future, tap into your own inner wisdom, discover and define your values and purpose- and ultimately witness your best self emerging.

Praise for “Journal for the Journey”

“Rev. Greta inspires me greatly with her beautiful heart, deep loving wisdom, truth, beauty, and creativity. I am, we are, blessed by her presence in the world.”

~Wendy Silvers
“Rev Greta Sesheta has a new book that is a beautiful journal filled with insights and open with room for your own unfoldment to fill in. Pick up your copy (and maybe a couple for gifts).”

~Patricia Kingery
“What a GREAT and fabulous book Rev Greta Sesheta… fresh off the press!! You can open to any page in the book and get the message you need!! Thank you for the gift! I love this book!”

~Wendy Vitalich

“Rev. Greta’s new Journal is amazing! A healing path that offers us all a way to tap into our inner wisdom and highest self. I love the way it prompts me to write what I most need to hear in the moment. Thank you Greta!”

~David Boufford

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