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Peace and Power Through Prayer and Meditation

In the prayer classes I teach I create a Prayer Circle where all the participants are embraced, surrounded and supported by prayer. I am ‘Calling in the Circle’ on this two CD set. Come and take your place.

Join the Circle and center down in the Spirit. The “I AM” is the center of this Circle, and there is no discernible circumference. Allow yourself to synergistically move from being the one praying, to being the one pray-er, the Prayer. Come rest in the all-prevailing Truth. Then rise in peace and power!

CD One
a) Welcome and Evocation
b) Recognition of the Presence with Gratitude
c) Unification with all that is Recognized

CD Two
a) Gratitude and Thanksgiving
b) Release to the Presence
c) Benediction and Blessing

Click below to listen to a clip from the
“Realization” section of the Calling In The Circle CD

Two CD Set $15.00 plus $6.00 for shipping and handling addtocart-style2

“When I use your CD for meditation, I really love the introduction in each track. It leads me down a road of contemplation into something deeper and greater. During the time of silence my mind seems to wander less and is focused on the intention. The ending with a prayer is the cherry on top. The prayer leaves me with a sense of renewal, awareness and expansion. My favorite track is “Unification.” After mediation with that particular track, I just want to be outside.  It is as if a new world is out there, and I am in a state of joy, gratitude and love and everything is brighter, lovelier and alive. I hear the birds singing and it is as if they feel what I feel and I know what they know, and I understand their joy with which they sing. It is a beautiful experience. I want to be in this state every second of my life, it is so wonderful. Every time I see you it is as if you are in this state that I have just explained.  It is this great wisdom and knowing that I see in you, I admire and love it so.  I thank you for sharing your gifts! Thank you for being you!”

J Alvarez