Transforming Knowledge

Each one teach One.

“When we have arrived at the question, the answer is already near.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Rev. Greta is a teacher who not only informs, but transforms and inspires her students. Her on-going classes and workshops through Agape University and private instruction include The Heart of Homiletics, Media for Ministers, Divine Creativity and Prayer as a Way of Life, Prayer as Expanded Awareness, Prayer as Spiritual Practice and Power, and Prayer as Creative Connection and Communion.

A Sampling of Student Statements follow:

Rev. Greta, thank you again so much for being a beacon of light and guiding us all with such gentle and loving hands. There is a subtlety in your teachings that gently encourages and sets such a strong and high intention for enlightenment. I feel the absolute power in the flow of your spirit and recognize it as the pure spirit of God. Thank you for living this truth and passing your wisdom on to all of us. It was truly amazing and a life changing experience for me filled with aha! after aha! Can’t wait for the next class! Peace, Love and Richest Blessings, Tom G.  Fall 2010

Hi Rev. Greta, Just wanted to take a couple of minutes to thank you! Your prayer classes have positively impacted my life in so many ways, I can’t count. I have a dream someday to be a practitioner and participate in your classes as your aide. Nothing would be more meaningful or transformational for me. My call is irresistable and undeniable. I yearn to know more God, as me, through me and in me! I’m not sure where the journey will take me, but I know the journey started with you! I am so grateful!  Love and Light,  Carrie B 4/2009

My Teacher. She Saw me before I could See!   She Felt me before I could Feel!   She Heard me before I could Hear!   She Held me before I could Touch!   Now I fully  express myself and I Love her so much!   Thank you for knowing the real Me!      Rev. Arlene Hylton- Campbell

Rev. Greta, The prayer class was wonderful. I feel so blessed to have this class in my life right now. I am learning, through my prayer partners, how to better express myself in affirmative prayer. When I pray with my partner, I know that there is nothing that is not God and I rejoice that I am in absolute oneness with the divine infinite. I know that my prayer is felt, not only by my prayer partner at the other end of the phone line, but beyond to all who pray everywhere. I know that our prayers bring us all into conscious unity with Mother/Father God. I am deeply thankful for the realization of unity that I share with everyone in our prayer class. I know these words to be absolutely true as I release them to the perfection of universal spiritual law. And so it is. Amen. Robert D 2007

Greetings Reverend Greta, I just wanted to send a personal note of gratitude for helping to create such a wonderful experience in the prayer classes over the last ten weeks.  I had a remarkable time learning how to have an even greater appreciation of my prayer practice as well as the pleasure of getting to meet some remarkable people.  Thank-you for creating a safe and loving environment to share and grow in, you are an inspiration in the love you bring to the world every day.  I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to learn and grow with you. Peace and Blessings,  Howie B   2008

Dear Rev Greta, I know that all of us contribute to the field of consciousness and that the energy of the class comes from each of the students and each of the practitioners- yet, dearest Rev. Greta, without your Light and Love and Beauty, I would not be guided and facilitated to glow so brightly or to grow so freely. Your loving knowing presence invites me to be present and to truly surrender to the experience. And so, for the class and for everyone in it, and for you especially, I am so very grateful. Seeds and seeds and seeds have been planted. I can’t wait to see what grows! Much love to you, Liz P 2008

Rev. Greta, It has been a few weeks since class, but I must say that it has touched me so profoundly. Prayer never really seeped into my everyday life much before this class… now I find myself deep in prayer in the most random places- the shower, the car, cleaning my house. It’s actually fun! And powerful.   And downright juicy : ) So thank you, teacher of Light and Love. Thank you for holding space for this to unfold. Thank you for your high voltage smile, and the warmth that radiates from you. I am blessed by your teachings : ) Much Love, Julie Z 2008

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