3. Teaching

Transforming Knowledge

"Meet Me in the Middle”

“A teacher affects eternity.” Henry Adams

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Not only is she a stunning Beauty, both inside and out, this woman can PRAY & TEACH and give you an experience of what she is talking about. I’ve had the honor of facilitating classes with Rev Greta Sesheta. Give yourself the gift of these classes with her. The gift will keep on giving.
P. Kingery
Rev. Greta’s homiletics class imbued me with the presence, power and confidence to stand before an audience and let my heart speak and my soul sing. The loving, supportive environment she creates is the perfect setting to study the very specific techniques of crafting a talk. Instead of being a nerve-wracking venture, the final project or talk became a celebratory adventure.
K. Brailsford

Support for Sesheta’s Teaching Pathway

“When we have arrived at the question, the answer is already near.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

“These teachings are milk from the nipple of the soul. They won’t flow well unless you suck.” Rumi

“I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.” Albert Einstein

“When one teaches, two learn.” Robert A. Heinlein

Classes Sesheta Offers:

“Prayer as a Way of Life”
“Prayer as Expanded Awareness”
Prayer as Creative Connection”
“Prayer as Spiritual Practice and Power”
“Heart of Homiletics

Workshops Sesheta Facilitates:

“All in the Family”
“It Takes A Village”
“Teen Talk”
“Free (From Debt) at Last”
“All About Angels”
“Plenty of Prosperity”
“Egyptian Wisdom Teachings”
“Spiritual Parenting”
“The Mountaintop Consciousness”
“Brighten The Corner”
“The Grand Illusion”
“Share Your Life”
“My Brother’s Keeper”

Powerful, generative, inspiring, magnificent! I am uplifted and up-leveled! Rev. Greta you are a masterful teacher, a great beauty and a spiritual giant! I’m grateful to be in this class with you! LoveLoveLove,
C. Cirallo
We have, in Rev. Great, a truly alive, awake & aware powerful, potent, radiating Love Presence. Oh, it’s true Rev. Greta, You truly ARE! This is the best class I have ever taken. You are so masterful, and I am so grateful for you.
C. Gee
There is such a brilliance that radiates so brightly through her countenance that I truly know what it means to touch the hem of the garment to be in her presence and I know that we have all been truly blessed and transformed by the execution of her magic!! God is Love as you Rev Greta Sesheta!!
T. Bass
Thank you again so much for being a beacon on light and guiding us all with such gentle and loving hands. There is a subtlety in your teachings that gently encourages and sets such a strong and high intention for enlightenment. I feel the absolute power in the flow of your spirit and recognize it as the pure spirit of God. Thank you for living this truth and passing your wisdom on to all of us. It was truly amazing and a life changing experience for me filled with aha! After aha! Can’t wait for the next class!
T. Glass
This has been such an amazing class. I am feeling very blessed to participate with these extraordinary souls, students, teachers & speakers alike! This has been one of the most profound experiences I’ve ever had at Agape since I’ve started attending 15 years ago! More please!
J. Argazzi