Selected Reading

“The Harvest of the Heart” by Howard Thurman “This is the season of gathering in, the season of the harvest in nature. Many things that were started in the spring and early summer have grown to fruition and are now ready for reaping. Great and significant as is the harvest in nature, the most pertinent … Read more

Selected Quote

“If you don’t have all the things you want, give thanks for the things you don’t have that you wouldn’t want.” Anonymous

Answer The Call

Answer The Call Right here in the mix Something is shifting The Balance towards Healing And Wholeness. Holding the fear and the hate In place and plain sight So the Light can infuse And transmute them.   I stand still and see That It’s embracing me Too. And also, of course, You.   A Call … Read more

Thoughts and Things

Oh, thank you Lord! What a glorious day! A splendiferous way To be Alive in the Spirit of Love. Thank you One Exalted As me Here to be More Than even I Bargained for.