Poems To Wake Up To

Poems To Wake Up To

Mary Oliver ends her poem “The Summer Day” with a question many of us want to answer well: “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”The poems in Greta Sesheta’s collection, Poems To Wake Up To, offer her answer—rooted in her choices and her days—as they portray the poet “growing whole, going wide.”There are stories here, but these poems are importantly songs and litanies—that describe and illuminate the path she takes.Poem by poem, the reader sees the steps on that journey of becoming the self that can say “I always have enough.”  —Veronica Patterson, award-winning author of Swan, What Shores? – Download A Sample

“Order Poems To Wake Up To” by Rev. Greta Sesheta
($20 Including S&H)

 Greta, you are our Aurora Borealis: Inviting and dangerous and beautiful — as many edges (waterfalls, doorways) are. Bravo and thank you! –dween (Adwin Brown)

 About the Author

rev_greta_seshetaReverend Greta Sesheta is an ordained minister of Agape International Spiritual Center and Centers for Spiritual Living. She is teacher, author, spiritual counselor and coach, and founder of 7-Pointed Star Ministries, which guides individuals to find fulfillment and peace through her teaching, speaking, preaching, writing, coaching, counseling and healing.

She has published the manual Calling in the Circle—Peace and Power Through Prayer and Meditation (and an accompanying CD) and Journal for the Journey, with prompts from her own writing to provide evocative guidance to a better understanding of self and purpose.

In Poems to Wake Up To, you will find evocative poems that bring you closer to Greta Sesheta and offer windows into the personal life sources of her wisdom and grace.

Visit her at www.revgreta.com and facebook.com/gsesheta.

Upcoming dates:

Book Signing at Agape after services on Sunday December 11, 2016

Rev. Greta is available for:

• Individualized Counseling and Coaching
• Sustained Support
• Workshops and Seminars
• Sermons, and Talks
• Weddings and Sacred Ceremonies

Praise for Rev. Greta:


“Rev. Greta is a great writer! She is Agape’s Spiritual Scribe.”

~Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith,
Founder and Spiritual Director
Agape International Spiritual Center


“Rev. Greta inspires me greatly with her beautiful heart, deep loving wisdom,
truth, beauty, and creativity. I am, we are, blessed by her presence in the world.”

~Wendy Silvers


“What a GREAT and fabulous book Rev Greta Sesheta… fresh off the press!! You can open to any page in the book and get the message you need!! Thank you for the gift! I love this book!”

~Wendy Vitalich

“For many years I have witnessed Rev. Greta Sesheta elegantly accomplish the task at hand. Now she gives us her heartfelt prayers, not as a task, but a gift. When Greta prays, all the Angels stop to listen because her prayers are a true gift from God.”
~Dr. Rickie Byars Beckwith, Director, Agape Music and Arts Ministries


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