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“For many years I have witnessed Rev. Greta Sesheta elegantly accomplish the task at hand. Now she gives us her heartfelt prayers, not as a task, but a gift. When Greta prays, all the Angels stop to listen because her prayers are a true gift from God.”

~Dr. Rickie Byars Beckwith, Director,
Agape Music and Arts Ministries

“Somewhere along the line in the deepest recesses of her soul, Rev. Greta Sesheta said ‘yes’ to a life of service with a gift of giving that is quite profound. As a spiritual being she has the capacity to reflect the all-transcending, non-dimensional, timeless principle of existence that underlies all being. As a minister of Truth she heals, she serves, she uplifts and she inspires because of her deep practice and her deep service to humanity.”

~Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Founder and Spiritual Director,
Agape International Spiritual Center
Rev. Greta Sesheta’s Ordination April 8, 2005

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Rev. Greta Sesheta, an ordained Minister at Agape International Spiritual Center since 2005, and a licensed Spiritual Practitioner since 1993, is a popular pulpit speaker and faculty member at the Agape University of Transformational Studies and Leadership (UTSLA).

She is also an integral part of the Agape Leadership Core, the Music and Arts Ministry and the Community Relations Ministry. Rev. Greta is the author of the Agape eBulletin which weekly reaches thousands of online subscribers all over the globe.

The energy of the Divine Feminine is a powerful anchor for her work in the world. In 1992, she was anointed with the name “Sesheta” in a Kemetic (African) Study Group in honor of the ancient, ageless Egyptian goddess of writing and record keeping. Sesheta’s symbol is a Seven Pointed Star.

Rev. Greta’s Seven Pointed Star Ministries include Sacred Ceremony (Ritual Rites of Passage); Transforming Knowledge (Teaching); Holy Word (Preaching);Healing and Wholeness; (Revealing Health); Prose, Rhythm and Rhyme (Writing); Divine Guidance (Spiritual Counseling); and Seven Pointed Star PR (Community Building).

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