Interview Questions

Giving Our Gifts

1. What are the ‘seasons’ of ‘giving’ really about?

2. What’s the difference between giving ‘til it hurts, and giving ‘til it heals?

3. Is giving over-rated?

4. What does it mean to give “Gifts of the Spirit”?

5. Is it really better to give than to receive?


1. What are some of the different forms that anxiety can take?

2. What was your personal experience with anxiety?

3. What steps can be taken to prevent an anxiety attack?

4. What can be done when you are in the grips of an attack?

5. What part does diet play in preventing stress?

6. What natural remedies support feeling more relaxed and at ease?

7. What is meant by ‘Make the Best of the Stress?’


1. How significant a role do Grandparents play today?

2. What are some of the attributes required of today’s Grandparents?

3. What Tips and Tools do you have for positive Grandparenting?

4. What is your personal experience as a Grandparent?

5. What are some questions to ask a Grandparent before it’s too late?

6. How important is spiritual practice to keeping multigenerational families happy together?


1. You were born the granddaughter of a Baptist minister. What was your journey from that spiritual tradition to the New Thought Ancient Wisdom tradition that you now practice?

2. What have been some of the highlights of your own spiritual journey?

3. With all the obvious problems and challenges in today’s world, what is the best way for people to navigate toward their dreams?

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