A Way to the Heart of the Matter

A 6- Hour Workshop in Prayer as a Way of Life for Spiritual Communities and Spirit Minded Organizations

Through the use of meditation, dialogue, peripherals, experiential processes, musical inspiration, prayer partnerships, expressive writing, group dynamics, selected readings and creative expression, this class provides the experience of prayer as a way of life. It includes the exploration of the qualities of God; the creative process; and the steps of Affirmative Prayer.

Participants begin to pray with confidence and conviction as part of a daily spiritual practice and to know prayer as an avenue of connection with the divine.

  • Enter into the heart space to elevate and celebrate Divine Mind
    over what seems to matter.
  • Integrate your ‘daily life’ into a ‘life of prayer.’
  • Experience each step of prayer as sufficient unto itself.
  • Expand your awareness of what prayer is.
  • Deepen your appreciation of your connection with the Divine.
  • Grow in confidence, conviction and authority in praying for yourself and others.

Manual-CDSThis workshop is also available in 4 or 8-hour formats. Materials and Hand-outs are provided. Supportive 2-set CD and accompanying Manual, “Calling in the Circle- Peace and Power through Prayer and Meditation” is available to be offered as part of the workshop or purchased separately. Can be adapted for any age group or size of enrollment.

To book this event please click here to contact us or call 424-257-0463

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